A single control plane for your Platform Engineering

Simplified platform engineering, Managed from Kubernetes, Observability, Secret Management, IaC, CICD and GitOps out-of-the-box with zero trust.

The Cops Way

Kubernetes management - made easy

Unleash the power of Kubernetes for your apps - auto-scaling out of the box, in-built secret management solution, pod metrics, and more! Easy to access advanced options like node affinity, namespaces, and secret mounts.

Multi Arch

Achieve CICD & GitOps compliant workflows with pipelines

Enhance your deployment experience with pipelines - customize, save, and replicate configs limitlessly. Enjoy seamless deployment flows powered by ArgoCD/Flux.

Collab on Apps and Infra using Git

Collaborate on app deploys - create and visualize changes to infra and pipelines, raise PRs for changes. Invite your team into a single workspace. Easily manage multiple cloud and git connections from one place.

CI Provider
Multi Arch

Achieve SOC2 compliant ready IaC infrastructure x

Achieve IaC ready infrastructure from day zero without investing engineering hours. Cops provide you multiple pre build UI Component to drag and drop infrastructure.

Day Zero Integrations

Save weeks’ worth of effort in setting up internal tooling.



We autogenerate Terraform modules for your infra components. Set configurations from the UI with no prior TF experience.


All Git app deployments to Kubernetes are powered by ArgoCD. Efficient and powerful.


Our integration with Dagger enables faster build times for your apps both on GitHub Workflows and GitLab CI.


See live cost estimates and fixed and variable cost breakdowns with our Infracost integration.


Pre-built UI Components to Speed Up Your Development

Git Connections

Pre-built Blog and Documentation Pages to Help Your Users
Use Cops with your favorite tools and services from your existing compute platforms
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Reduce cost by 75%

Get started on our free plan and upgrade when you are ready.


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  • 2 Containers
  • 100 Builds(Month)
  • 5 Connector
  • 1 Cache
  • Multi Arch build on emulator
  • Community Runner
  • Mail Support


Up to 20 users
Description of your Basic plan
  • 10 Containers
  • 5000 Builds(Month)
  • 50 Connector
  • 50 Cache
  • Native Multi Arch Build
  • Dedicated Runner
  • Slack Community Support


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  • unlimited Containers
  • unlimited Builds(Month)
  • unlimited Connector
  • unlimited Cache
  • Native Multi Arch Build
  • Self Hosted
  • Slack Support